Obama staffer wants ?cognitive infiltration? of 9/11 conspiracy groups. 911 is a controlled demolition, let it happen and make it happen, pretext for wars self inflicted wound inside operation. ….. This per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense too. I mean – have you seen the footage of WTC controlled demolition on 9/11? Towers pulverized with the speed close to free fall, 10 floors per second. Nanothermite high military explosive was found on the site, just as pools of molten steel, burning for weeks. Steel buildings, 3 at 1 day, cannot collapse pulverized unto itself as a consequence of office fires or airplane impacts. We need new investigation. http://ae911truth.org – http://911blogger.com – http://911truth.org http://twitter.com/911news – http://911UnitedWeInvestigate.blogspot.com http://WorldNewsRecord.wordpress.com


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