Military Sonar kills whales by causing beaching. Other causes are natural – disease, distress. …. my comment- Mr Bob, no, your point of natural causes for this beaching of pilot whales is not supported, and is insupportable without necropsy of inner ear. First, please 1. acknowledge that the article was poorly researched and one sided. Compare to Wikipedia - 2. Wikipedia -“pilot whales are susceptible to beaching”, and beached in the past as a direct consequence of a /loud/ sonar. – EXTREMELY good link -> 3. the key logic here is – each whales species are differently vulnerable to new loud military sonars because their inner ears RESONATE at different frequencies. So New Zealand pilot whales beached – were killed – after military ships used sonars to look for wrecks /see link above/. And other species – Cuvier Beaked are killed when other sonars are used. 4. it has also to do with where species lives comp


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