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  1. JesseRishel

    My name is Jesse Rishel. I am in Eugene Oregon being threatend by the Freemasons and one of there front groups, in this instance ”The Free Souls”, (a fake outlaw motorcycle group founded here in the Emerald city back in 1968). The FreeSouls are the priests of Molech and they carry out there ritual human sacrifice out on Lone Pine Drive a little road just outside of town here in Eugene. The government has sent in a containment unit meant to take me by force and deliver me to the Bohemian Grove so I might be silenced and offerd up sacrificialy to the spaceship that now resides in the Columbia River on the North side of the state. Oregon the 33rd state addmited to the Union was founded by masons so they could be close to the lead alien Molech, Anu, Ra,the Lord of Hosts etc… the exact coordinance of the entitys hiding place is fifteen miles east of Astoria at Brownsmead. The ship is beneath the muddy part of the river there. Anyone that cares can call me, Jesse Rishel at 541 653 3633. Stand up before its to late. No more Lies. Awaken to real Freedom! Lets go!

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