FactsPlusLogic: The 9/11 Laws of Nature. Another comment in the discussion: 1. science facts and 9/11 Truth controlled demolition movement position on steel and temperature is as follows: a) Steel cannot melt as a result of office or airplane fuel fires. Yet there was a lot of molten steel found on the site. b) Steel can significantly weaken, up to the point of failure, above 500F, therefore in the reach of fires in WTC. HOWEVER, you would have seen random, localized failures, topovers, stumbling of blocks of towers. NOT – uniform, sudden, total collapse and pulverization at 110 floors per second. !! In fact, what we have seen on the footage, is a controlled demolition. 2. Penthouse was pulverized and collapsed onto the rest of a tower – instead of falling in the path of lowest resistance – in the air – by the help of nanothermite masterpiece controlled demolition. 3. The best science sites with all the facts of controlled demolition are http://ae911truth.org – http://stj911.org – http://journalof911st



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