Statement Of September 11th Advocates Regarding Reaction To AG Eric Holder?s Announcement On Moving 9/11 Trials To NYC. my comment. Now to the sheik. He has something against him that should bring him at least life in prison. And that is badly mistreating and factual killing / ‘his hands’/ of American hostage journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan. As to his 9/11 testimony, under the duress of quasi torture, that has almost no real value. He might have wished 9/11 attacks to happen, and might have helped organize them, even though the directly responsible are dead with the airplanes. All Arabs involved in the 9/11 inside operation attacks probably never knew, and do not know now, that they were aided, allowed, and helped by inside forces. … Without that, no 9/11pretext for war inside job controlled demolition would have happened. Many Arabs, former friends of USA, started to hate US after bombing apart and occupation of Iraq 91-03. That is not a crime, however, 1.. they cannot plan and carry out terrorist


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