9/11 Truth and the Paranoid Style. ~official propaganda, babble at Boingboing. my 9/11 controlled demolition comments. Your arguments are very easy to completely refute, they are all just suppositions, no hard facts. Also, my original post here was censored, but I’l try the best. 9/11 is a controlled demolition, per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense. It is not possible that 2 towers fall down, in 13 seconds, that 110 floors per second pulverize, implode, with a speed close to free fall. Not possible that steel melts. UNLESS it is a controlled demolition. Indeed, high military explosive was found on the site. http://911UnitedWeInvestigate.blogspot.com ===== Your points 1. yes, it is a flawlessly carried out masterpiece controlled demolition. There was, for months, unobstructed access to the buildings. We need new investigation to find who and how they did it. People who were bringing boxes up, and applying the nanothermite explosive, probably did not know what they are doing. 2. There w



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