my comment: why not deny healthcare to rich robber barons, to people who make over 5 million a year, to males who are violent and abusive to females? ..if it is good for homeless people, it must be good for this class also. denying healthcare to anybody, any single person, is a criminal discrimination, and that is illegal all over the USA. … too bad medical insurance bureaucracies are doing it on a daily basis. the reason? to make even more money to invest in China. The Constitution of the USA talks about “unalienable right to pursue happiness”, and that you cannot do while sick. therefore, EACH person, as in each human being – not pets of rich welfare bailout banks directors – is to be provided with a healthcare. and by the way, doing so is 1.the right way to do 2.cheapest for everybody – country will be competitive, just like Germany, Japan, and the rest of civilized world 3. the current crime epidemic will subside =========== it is time now to stop medical fascism in the US, physical elimination of


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