Bin Laden Responsible for the 9/11 Attacks? Where is the Evidence? David Ray Griffin Infowars 10- 2, 2009, My comment: I think pondering this question we really need to ask, WHAT do we mean, “responsible” or “guilty”, for, what we now know, are controlled demolition attacks. 1. Bin Ladin was not in any airplaines hijacked that day. 2. Bin Ladin was not training in pilot schools and was not on the soil of the USA. Was he “planning” or “financing” or “otherwise helping” the attacks? Maybe. But how much that would take? Get guys willing to do it, get them money to live for couple years and to attend pilot schools in US, get them box-cutters. I think the real guilty ones are hijackers in airplanes. Was he wishing for attacks to happen? Probably, just as others did, as Iraq was bombed apart, occupied, humiliated, and US seen as unilateral supporter of Palestine. It as a public knowledge /US TV/, that Muslims “would like to ram airplanes in New York buildings” But without US “let 9/11 happen”


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