Who planted explosives, and probably remote flew Pentagon plane?Secret services, foreign and domestic. Highly professional operation, the knowledge and execution was highly compartmentalized. Meaning one crew brought boxes up the WTC, another one installed something, electric devices, thermal insulation paint on the steel beams, and nobody knew of each other, or knew too much anyway.9/11 controlled demolition It will be VERY interesting to know who knew what and when from polygraph president down, because I think that nobody really knew everything, and many knew different stories – /yes, exercises/ and /yes, we know mr pres, we let them start it/.. /we will catch them/ ../we let them do something, no casualties/ … /lets us handle it// ….//we need pretext for war, but make sure it is acceptable, no casualties – yes mr pres// ….. and so on ……… I think nobody will believe the stories off polygraph investigation questioning once they will start rolling in. One more point, today, 2009, EVERYBODY knows the irrefutable evide



  1. What is the difference between thermal insulation paint and ceramic insulation paint? Are they the same?

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