Autism Rates: Government Studies Find 1 in 100 Children Have Autism Disorders. The new estimate would mean about 673,000 American children have autism. Previous estimates put the number at about 560,000. “Autism is a highly prevalent disorder,” said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer of the advocacy group Autism Speaks. “We’re looking at a major public health challenge.”


  1. N

    I have noticed, knowing someone myself who has a child diagnosed, and placed in special classes at school, that its an easy way out for parents who neglect their children from birth until the begining of school. tax payers money goes to the schools for each child, so the school does not speak up, but if you teach your child nothing, neglect to do anything besides use you child for a token, then let the burden of everything from potty training and teaching your child to do the most basic things like speak fall on the teachers that would otherwise be teaching responsible parents children. pretty pathetic, it is a problem, some are more of a problem of the parents then the neglected children.

  2. John

    The prevalence of autism is increasing for two very simple reasons. First, psychologists and other developmental experts are better at recognizing autism and diagnosing the disorder. Second, historically autism was thought to be the result of poor parenting in which the child was emotionally rejected by cold parents. Typically these parents were wealthy and well educated which brings us to why the number of cases of autism is growing: as a population we are becoming more and more educated and opting to put off having children later. A study conducted in Israel in 2006 found that the risk of having a child with autism significantly rose if the father of the child was over 35 years-old at the time of conception. As far as what exactly is happening is another question, but a large part of the underlying cause of the increase of autistic children is primarily biological.

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